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If you are interested in future litters, please fill out the waitlist application and reach out. Applying to the waitlist does not ensure that you are on it, so please wait for my response or contact me at regarding the list.

All of our puppies are raised with ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) and ESI (Early Scent Introduction). They will be raised with Avidog and Puppy Culture methods. They are extensively socialized from as early as possible and we will constantly update our social media with all of their progress. Some of the environments we will safely expose them to long before they go home include (sterile) vet environments, beaches, busy downtowns and more, so that they will go home ready to take on the world. All of our puppies will have begun house training and crate training.


The "waitlist" is not a formal list and there is no specific order. I maintain a pool of potentially interested individuals and ensure I understand each home's individual wants. Families will be matched to puppies according to temperament of the puppy and what fits best to your home, and the timeframe that works best for both you and with our breeding schedule.

Puppies may be ridged or ridgeless, depending on the parents' genetics. Ridgeless puppies will be at minimal risk for Dermoid Sinus.


Puppies are priced based on the litter and all puppies in the same litter will cost the same, regardless of sex or color, and all owners must sign a contract. Puppies can be picked up or shipped with a flight nanny, at the owner's expense.

For more information on our how to get a puppy, our contracts and health guarantees, or how we raise our puppies, visit our FAQ! To keep up with our kennel and our breeding plans, follow us on Facebook.


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